Shrimp Tempura

Shrimp tempura is a type of Japanese dish that consists of deep-fried battered shrimp. The shrimp are coated in a light and crispy batter made with flour, egg, and ice water, and are then deep-fried until golden. Shrimp tempura is typically served with a side of tempura dipping sauce, which is made with dashi, soy sauce, and mirin. It is also often served with grated daikon radish and green onions as a garnish. Shrimp tempura is a popular appetizer or main course at Japanese restaurants, and it is also often served as part of a bento box or in a sushi roll. The dish is known for its delicate flavor and crispy texture.
In this video, the author, Daniel shows you how you can do proper shrimp tempura at home.

Source: Future Neighbor

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